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The vast majority of business owners agree that referrals is the best source of new business but only a very small minority have a referral system in place (and even fewer measure the success of the system).

There are a growing number of network organisations where the emphasis (sometimes only intention) is on word-of-mouth/referrals but the majority of these are unstructured and do not offer a way of measuring its success.

Probably the most successful network in the UK (and the world) is BNI.

I am a member of Tamworth BNI, which is based at the Buzzards Valley Winery, near Basset’s Pole. The Chapter meets every Thursday morning at 6.45am.

The fee income I generated so far from BNI has outweighed the investment of being a member. I have also tried other networking organisations but I have never achieved results coming close to those achieved via BNI.

If you would like to find out more about BNI, or would like to attend a meeting, please either contact David Wagstaff on 01283 532852 or Paul Rowlands (BNI Development Director) on 07768 306440. Alternatively, visit the website.

If you are not looking for new business but you know somebody that is then feel free to pass on the details, or direct them to our website.

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